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Playmobil Large Pirate Ship

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“This is one of Playmobil’s all-time best sellers, and I can see why. Hours of fun, and it’s a robust toy with lots of nice details.”


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Playmobil pirate shipInitial Thoughts: This pirate ship was top of Flea’s wish list for months, so she was beyond excited when Playmobil sent it to us to try out. Judging by Flea’s reaction to the box, the most exciting features of the Playmobil pirate ship are: it has rigging, there are pirates, there are TWO monkeys, and it’s got a secret hatch in the deck where you hide treasure.

Having learned my lesson from past Playmobil kits, I put this one together after Flea went to bed – which was just as well because it took four hours. An hour of that was spent looking for the world’s smallest screwdriver, which you need to put the deck and hull together. Also, please don’t tell anyone, but there’s a bag of “spare” pieces in the kitchen drawer that I never worked out how to use.

We liked: Once it’s together, this is a great toy. The ship itself has little wheels, so Flea can ‘float’ it on the floor. Inside the ship, there’s a galley with a hammock and table, and a hold where you can store treasure and prisoners. There are five cannons, which hide away under the decks and are released by flicking a little button. There’s even a plank where you can send the bad guys overboard.

There are some nice little extra touches – Flea really loved the idea of the ‘fake’ flags that you can put on the ship to sneak up on people, before hoisting the Jolly Roger. Cue lots of shouts of “Ya-harrrr, WE BE PIRATES!” Oh, and the whole ship can float – although I’m not sure we could fit Flea AND the ship into our bath at the same time! If you do have a huge bath or pond, you can even upgrade with an off-board motor for your pirate ship.

We weren’t keen: Can’t really think of anything bad to say on this one – Flea’s loved playing with the Playmobil pirate ship, and there’s lots to keep her interested.  One slightly weird point – five cannons, only four cannonballs. Why?

Overall: Once it’s together this is a great play set with lots to keep children interested, and we liked that this comes with everything kids need to play pirates – lots of figures, plenty of accessories and some really nice details – apparently it’s one of Playmobil’s best sellers over the years, and we can certainly see why. But do set aside an evening to assemble the large Playmobil pirate ship – and don’t forget the screwdriver!

[Sally, Who’s the Mummy?]

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