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About Us

What’s the Great Toy Guide?

Here at the Great Toy Guide, we take toys and give them to our own children. Our children are really lovely, but they DO like to do things like dunk toys in orange juice. They send action figures on missions that involve being thrown down the stairs. They pull, prod and shake things  just to see what happens. And when they’re done, they leave their toys on the floor for passing adults to stand on.

When a toy is recommended on our site, you can guarantee that it’s stood up to the rough and tumble of real play. You can also be reassured that our team of Mums and Dads also reckon it combines fun with great quality and value for money.

What makes the Great Toy Guide different?

On your average review site, the reviews are written by some faceless reviewer. Here at the Great Toy Guide, the reviews are written by some of the UK’s most popular parent bloggers. You might already know some of our reviewers from their blogs, but rest assured each one has been hand-picked because they love toys, they’re honest and they can write something that doesn’t read like the contents of a toy catalogue.

We estimate that our team has a combined readership of more than 150,000 parents each month. Current reviewers include the writers of  The Mad House,  Diary of a Frugal Family and The Olivers Mad House

Our reviews aren’t just promoted on this site. You can also find us on Twitter and Facebook, and the British Mummy Bloggers forum.

How do I suggest a toy for review?

If you’ve got a toy that your kids raved about, just drop us an email to tell us about it! If you are a toy retailer or a PR agency representing a toy brand, then please refer to our “Information for PRs” page for submission guidelines.

How can I get in touch with the Great Toy Guide?

If you’d like to find out more about The Great Toy Guide or have any suggestions for us, then you can contact our editor, Jen Walshaw, by dropping an email to mail@jenwalshaw.co.uk. To keep up with our latest reviews, competitions and special offers, just follow twitter.com/greattoyguide