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The Great Toy Guide is committed to providing independent reviews of toys and games for children aged 8 and under.  As such, we have some basic rules:

  1. We will never review a toy unless we’ve seen it, touched it and let our kids play with it.
  2. Unless stated otherwise, reviews are based on tests of sample toys provided to us by retailers and manufacturers. All samples are supplied on the understanding that our reviewer will give an honest opinion of the toy. The reviewer may keep the toy after the review has been written – because it’s hard for companies to sell a toy after a child has already played with it for two weeks.
  3. If we review a toy and our child doesn’t like it, we’ll tell you. But we’ll also try and say what sort of child we think might like the toy. We’re honest, but constructive.
  4. We will always tell you if a reviewer has a pre-existing commercial relationship with either the manufacturer, retailer or PR agency for a particular toy.
  5. Sometimes we accept advertising and competition prizes on the Great Toy Guide. This will never influence the content of reviews, which are 100% independent.
  6. All information on the site is provided in good faith, and prices are correct at the time of publication. However, you should be aware prices and product specifications can change, so please ensure you check important details before buying any product via a link on The Great Toy Guide.
  7. We may include links to third-party sites on the Great Toy Guide but we make no warranties as to the security or accuracy of information provided by any external website.
  8. Similarly, we do our best to ensure the Great Toy Guide provides accurate information but we make no warranties or representations of any kind to this effect, and in using the site you do so entirely at your own risk.
  9. If we have to collect any personal data about you for competition or comment purposes, we will take all reasonable steps to keep this information secure, and we will never sell it to any third party. We may collect information about your general location and browser, which is transmitted by your computer. This information may be used in aggregate form but will not personally identify you.
  10. We reserve the right to block any user from visiting or commenting on the site if we believe you are violating our terms and conditions, or acting to harm the site or our user community. We will also pass on visitor information if required to do so by law.


All content used on the site, including text, images, buttons and logos is the property of Jen Walshaw. You may not reproduce any material from The Great Toy Guide without the express permission of the copyright owner.